Monday, March 28, 2011

                                                  Bhaskar Pegu

Poetry always makes for enlightenment and pleasure.A collection of poems edited by Abhijit Payeng "Mé:tom Gamig"from the banks of Ronganoi is contrasted in between romanticism and nostalgia,call for revolution and social change,the pleasure of spring and Ligang longing.The pages of Mé:tom Gamig are adorn by both budding and well-known poets,all from riverside!After reading the poems,one can sense the power of imagination of the poets.The rural setting by the river Ronganoi is fervently reflected in one the poems written by Nirmal Narah especially when he underscores:Ronganoi ru:yi-rusak lo ngoluk do:lung dung,jirin-jirinpe a:ne asse biyyara biddung;Kekon-kesag pigolo, Si:sa: yame:ye mebo nitomem songkit kikittakna dung...

Mé:tom Gamig
Editor:Abhijit Payeng
Publisher:Ronganoi Prakashan
Mothowkhur Ahomani
Lakhimpur ,Assam-787 052


Poet Abhijit Payeng paints the stark social reality emerging out of guns and bullets in his poem "Kinsuna Yubnang".He has scripted on Ligang festivals,romanticism as well as facts of the social whole.While Bhaigeswar Pogag's poems are best known for his revolutionary appeal for unity and consciousness to get out the present clumsy atmosphere.One can see in his poem how betrayal and exploitation of Mising society must be dealt with by standing unitedly and firmly.Pogag also calls for writing through his poem "No Attoka" ,which shows the poet's love for one's language and culture.

The poetry is filled with variety of tastes and feelings that gives the reader a pleasure reading.Besides Abhijit and Bhaigeswar,the poets of Me:tom Gamig include Prasanta Payeng,Jiten Payeng,Jiten Narah,Nirmal Narah,Meghoram Payeng and Dipti Padun.There is no doubt that Me:tom Gamig from the Rongonai river bank will left any reader unrewarded.


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