Thursday, January 8, 2009

Donyi Polo Day [ 31st December ]

Dear All,

This is to inform that on 31st December of every year the Donyi Polo Day will be observed with befitting way at every shrine. The committe members should prepare for the celebration of Donyi Polo Day well ahead of time.

On the first half of the day, the normal prayer, spiritual; discourse & distribution of holy food shall be observed with reference to Donyi Polo.

After normal prayer at Donyi Polo shrine, some competition/leisure activities can be held outside the shrine. The competitions can be literary, quiz, sports, song & dance can be arranged.

In case of a function being organized the following programmes can be arranged:

  1. Arrival of the Chief Guest (should not necessarily be some political hot shot)
  2. Lighting of camphor by Chief Guest
  3. Welcome address
  4. Welcome song
  5. A short speech by Secretary of the committee
  6. A short speech by the Chief Guest
  7. Prize distribution ceremony
  8. Vote of thanks
  9. Disperse

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