Saturday, December 13, 2008

Read the first ever Tani ethnic poem on net in Mishing Tani language

Aro Tani
Adi ara:lo, aying amo:lo
Do:mír taléto,among ara:bo
Aro Taniyé

Ager gertengé, do:ying kítengé
Adi barténgé, lékor korténgé
Du:yaryé lo:dípé

Aíké amigki kasudag, néppangki lusudag
Aíké alagki gersudag,aléki gísudag
Aro Tanibí

Manying ma:namdé,ager gernamdé
Tani légangé mimag monamdé
Aro Taniké

Du:yaryé mé:lod-gíloddé
Lo:dípé ka:begtíyé yalodém
Aro Taniké simangé kamang.

The English version of the above poem is given below:
In the mountains, on the land of plains
Up above in the heaven, deep inside the earth surface
Everywhere live the True Tani

While he works, while he tell tales
While he climb over the mountains
While hymns are sang
He lives longer

He sees with his own eyes, speak with thine mouth
Works with own hands, stands up on his own leg
The True Tani

The dream he sees the work he does
The struggle he leads
It’s for the Tanis
His ideals and ideas will live longer
He’ll see his own shadow forever
No corpse of his lie anywhere.

Mishing Renaissance is thankful to Mg.Polo Bomi for his contribution of the above Tani poem.

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