Monday, September 7, 2009

Poba Reserved Forest needs National Park Tag

The Poba reserved forest is a significant rain forest located in outer Jonai in the adjoining East Siang district of Arunachal and Dhemaji district of Assam having various flora and fauna like wild buffaloes,forest pigs,pythons,deer, etc as well as forest resource.

The total land area of the reserved forest is about 10,000 hectares which is also connects through waterways to India's one the most important biosphere reserve-Dibru-Saikhowa National Park,well known for world's single habitat of wild horses. Poba RF is proximity to Dr D Ering National Park of AP.

It may be recalled that since the last few years various social and environmental organisations of Jonai has been demanding that Poba RF should be declared as National Park as soon as possible because of recurrent deforestation by unscrupulous persons and frequent killings of wild animals.During the Asam Sahitya Sabha session at Dhemaji,the Sabha also adopted a resolution that the Poba RF be declared as National Park whereas it pledged to moved the proposal to government of Assam.

The Poba reserved forest is also not far from corporate eye.During last June-July,2009,there were huge protests from the pople at Jonai against when Oil India Limited(OIL) moved for oli and gas exploration in the forest.OIL also conducted a public hearing at Murkong Selek Kristi Bhavan,Jonai on 16 June,2009.

There prevails a common sense of knowledge among Mising Tanis that Jonai is Mising's most populated as well as most secured place for the Tanis living in Assam.The real fact underlie here it is one of the emerging dangerous place for our nationality because the Lali river on the east of the town,flowing near the Poba RF has eroded large part of river banks at Jonai nowadays.

The significance of Poba RF lies here.The soil in the river banks of Lali has been loosing its resistance due to lesser green cover of late.Therefore,understanding its significance,we must thrive for National Park tag for the Poba RF.

Otherwise,who knows after Matmara,Majuli and Bonkowal (all land of the Misings) next may happen to Jonai?

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