Monday, May 24, 2010

Bangladeshi illegal infiltration & North East India

Bangladeshi Muslim Beggars in the North East: FAQ
Who are the Bangladeshi Muslim Beggars?
Every day around 6,000 illegal Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators cross the border and enter Assam, India.

If they are “Beggars”, how can these beggars be dangerous?
Many of these are Islamic militants with links to Al-Queda and other Muslim extremist groups who are operating in Bangladesh to take over Assam the militant Islamic way and create a “Kashmir” like situation through their “silent” jihad.

Why do the Beggars cross over to Assam, is it easy?
India has fenced parts of the 4,000-km border with Bangladesh, but officials say this has done little to deter migrants bent on leaving one of the world's poorest countries. Assam shares a 272 km porous border with Bangladesh, a vast stretch of which is unfenced.

What do these Bangladeshi Muslim Beggars do?
The beggars become farmhands or river fishermen in villages. In towns they are often construction workers or rickshaw pullers, and the women work as maids. Some beggars have succeeded in marrying the locals too. The “beggars” also beg for money door to door across Assamese towns posing as “local people” whose relatives are “coping” with “incurable” diseases. Usually they beg in groups of two and expect all the “group” members to be paid.

Why are they addressed as “Bangladeshi Muslim Beggars”?
Interesting question, “Bangladeshi” because they speak Bengali and poor Assamese and from the way they dress, a simple man can also make out that they are “Muslim” [skull caps and long beards], You can also spot them with the religious groans and “Beggars” because they beg!

How many of them are there in Assam?
Though there are no official’s figures of actual numbers of Bangladeshis in Assam, locals say their population could be six million of the state's 26 million people.

What has the Government done till this date?
A BIG NOTHING!!! The government and the students union signed a pact in 1985 for deportation of illegal Bangladeshi immigrants, but believe it or not, clauses on the deportation of foreigners have still not been implemented. Twenty years of inaction is taking violent shape now.The Assam Accord is dusting itself in some beaureaucratic dustbin. Before we blame New Delhi let us understand that successive govts in Assam have also failed in their quest, and have now started using these Bangladeshi Muslim Beggars as Vote Banks.Right from beginning in order to get minority votes, the Congress led UPA Government in India have taken little steps to deport millions of illegal immigrants from Bangladesh.

Has the presence of these beggars affected the common people of Assam?
Yes, The local people in Assam have lost jobs, their cultural heritage and their national identity because of these beggars. Their hatred has finally manifested towards India and especially towards Indian citizens from West Bengal and Bihar.

How do we THE COMMON PEOPLE kick these beggars out?
The Bangladeshi Muslim Beggars will be kicked out only IF THE COMMON PEOPLE WISH TO KICK THEM OUT!!!!! The Government has failed miserably.
"Save the North East Region, save our Identity. Let's take an oath ... no food, no job, no shelter to Bangladeshis" Starve the Bangladeshi Muslim Beggars and kick them out"
Bangladeshis 'SMSed' out of Assam
An economic blockade enforced by a little known youth group in Upper Assam, the Chiring Chapori Yuba Mancha has forced thousands of illegal Bangladeshi settlers to flee, reports

"Illegal immigrants have been one of Assam's biggest issues for the last two decades.But this time round there were no demonstrations, strikes or boycotts. Instead a campaign against illegal Bangladeshi immigrants is being carried out through SMS.

People are being told through cell phone messages to not give jobs or food to Bangladeshis.As a result of a campaign that began on April 15, thousands of Bengali Muslim labourers and rickshaw pullers have been leaving the town of Dibrugarh."

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jayram said...

good work.... its a great effort by u in rashtra sewa.......well wishes for u ...........go ahead...........

su said...

I whole heartedly agree with you on the issue of illegal Muslim Bangladeshis. They are creating a great demographic imbalance in the area by illegally settling in the NE area.

They are a great threat not just to us but also to the entire country. As you can see what they are doing in the Naga area. They had done the same thing in Burma to gain their footholds during British time. Now they are claiming themselves to be an ethnic group.

Bangladeshi Muslims pose great dangers to our people in a number of ways:

1) by their sheer size
2) by their violent nature

They are very violent, cruel and fanatic about the way they practice their religion. People of no other faiths are tolerated in their religion other than Islam.

Their whole history on this continent is filled with blood, violence and killings.

I am really worried living with so many of them in and around us. If we don't take steps now, one day we will find ourselves devoured by them.

EleanoreBla昭彥 said...

It is never too late to learn. ............................................................